FADE LONDON x Illustrations

Client: Fade London
Year: 2012

Fade London is english clothing company based in Worcester. Fade London background is street art, graffiti and skate culture. Illustrations had to reflect these influences. Here is some illustrations for their new collection.
Colorpong.com – Stars.
Colorpong.com – Fabric.
Colorpong.com – Cosmos.
Colorpong.com – Geometric.
Colorpong.com – Dataism.
Colorpong.com – Sound.
Colorpong.com – Summer brushes
typographic posters
just add cream – branding
BVE – Annual Report 2013 Illustrations
Heppa! – Branding draft
Colorpong.com – Promotional posters
SHARP – LED Lighting Keyvisual System
Colorpong.com – Vector Artworks
adidas STRIPES – Identity draft
Matca – branding
NEW MOVE – Type treatments
SONOS - Bone Shaking Poster
Values – Custom typography poster
Babtec – illustration system
LEBUHN&PUCHTA – Identity System
BVE Illustrations – Process
EIGA Christmas 2014 – Letterings
NEW MOVE – Calendar Pages
Colorpong.com - Vector brushes
Roemerturm – Card Draft
Digital Arts UK – Cover & tutorial
APEROS Bordeaux - Event branding
FADE LONDON – branding
NANO UNIVERSE x Type illustration
ADFORMATIE.NL x Type illustration
HUNTED GRAND x Type illustrations
NIKE – Type treatments
GOOFY – Type treatments
KDU x Promo artworks
Personal type illustrations
FACES – Illustrations